What Every Prosecutor Needs to Know About Forensic Interviewing01:04:08
Webinar 01:04:08
Corroborating Evidence Overview in Child Abuse Prosecutions 01:00:49
Webinar 01:00:49
Prosecuting Child Abuse Cases with Limited Evidence00:50:06
Webinar 00:50:06
Digital Evidence: A Primer for Your Prosecution01:01:38
Webinar 01:01:38
Preparing the Court for Children: Proactive Pretrial Motions00:54:35
Webinar 00:54:35
Strategies for Responding to the Demand for Commercial Sex of Minors 00:56:54
Webinar 00:56:54
Medical Findings in Child Sexual Abuse Cases00:56:24
Webinar 00:56:24
Use of Experts in Child Sexual Abuse Cases00:59:42
Webinar 00:59:42
The Evolution of Child Pornography and the Child Pornography Offender00:51:35
Webinar 00:51:35
​Investigation and Prosecution Techniques of Child Sex Trafficking Cases01:06:28
Webinar 01:06:28
Exchanging “Best Practices” for Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse Cases01:00:29
Webinar 01:00:29
It Really Didn't Happen - Recantations of Child Sexual Abuse01:09:04
Webinar 01:09:04
Prosecutors & Victim Advocates: A Critical Team Response to Assisting Child Victims & Families 01:05:16
Webinar 01:05:16
Courthouse Facility Dogs Assisting in the Investigation and Prosecution of Crimes Against Children01:01:11
Webinar 01:01:11
Preparing MDT Professionals to Testify in Court01:01:32
Webinar 01:01:32
How to Conduct a Legally Sound Pretext Phone Call00:53:17
Webinar 00:53:17
Opening Statements/Closing Arguments00:56:50
Webinar 00:56:50
Developing a Kids in Court Program00:59:10
Webinar 00:59:10
Process of Disclosure in Child Abuse Cases01:07:35
Webinar 01:07:35
Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting of Girls in the U.S.00:58:26
Webinar 00:58:26
Jury Selection-A Checklist Approach01:08:59
Webinar 01:08:59
Suspectology: Getting Into the Child Sexual Offender's Mind to Improve Interview Strategies01:01:37
Webinar 01:01:37
Understanding Your SANE Examinations 00:59:40
Webinar 00:59:40
Ethics in Child Abuse Prosecutions 00:58:25
Webinar 00:58:25
Minimal Facts Interviews of Children01:06:00
Webinar 01:06:00
State of The States: Mandated Reporting Law Across the U.S.00:59:43
Webinar 00:59:43
Working with Deaf Victims and Witnesses in Child Abuse Cases00:57:57
Webinar 00:57:57
Handling Defense Attacks on Children's Suggestibility00:57:56
Webinar 00:57:56
Cross-Examination of the Defendant and Defense Witnesses in Child Abuse Trials01:02:16
Webinar 01:02:16
Internet Sex Offenders: Understanding the Psychology to Help Catch a Predator00:59:56
Webinar 00:59:56
Abusive Head Trauma: Update and Alternative Hypothesis01:07:01
Webinar 01:07:01
Qualifying Children to Testify00:57:42
Webinar 00:57:42
Investigating and Prosecuting Allegations of Medical Child Abuse01:03:16
Webinar 01:03:16
Child Death Investigation: Use of Dolls in Video Reenactments01:03:15
Webinar 01:03:15
Why Forensic Interviewers and Prosecutors Should Explore Grooming Activities01:06:11
Webinar 01:06:11
Failure to Thrive: Why and So What?01:01:45
Webinar 01:01:45
Interrogating Child Abuse Suspects01:07:56
Webinar 01:07:56
Racket about Rickets: Metabolic Bone Defense01:29:36
Webinar 01:29:36
Computer Forensics for Prosecutors: Part 101:16:34
Webinar 01:16:34
Computer Forensics for Prosecutors: Part 200:59:40
Webinar 00:59:40
Understanding Social Media Searches for Prosecutors00:57:56
Webinar 00:57:56
Search and Seizure Update: The Legal Landscape Post Carpenter and Using Local Devices to Recover Data Stored on Remote Servers 01:19:14
Webinar 01:19:14
Delayed Disclosure of Sexual Abuse-Building the Case00:58:29
Webinar 00:58:29
Pre-trial Strategies in Child Abuse Cases00:47:47
Webinar 00:47:47
The Link Between Animal Abuse and Child Abuse01:01:31
Webinar 01:01:31
Corroborating the Forensic Interview01:05:34
Webinar 01:05:34
Working Together to Combat Child Abuse01:04:02
Webinar 01:04:02
Child Advocacy Centers: Working with Child Victims of Sex Trafficking00:53:47
Webinar 00:53:47

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