Capital Case Litigation Initiative

Course Details

Ethics in Capital Cases01:13:56
Webinar 01:13:56
Jury Selection00:56:52
Webinar 00:56:52
Victim Counsel Coordination00:48:21
Meeting with Victim Families
Mitigating Mental Health Defenses
Mass Shootings and Victim Considerations
2020 Supreme Court Update01:00:00
Webinar 01:00:00
Building a Successful Homicide Committee01:10:00
Webinar 01:10:00
Conducting Jury Trials in a Pandemic01:31:41
Webinar 01:31:41
Prosecuting the Golden State Killer
Prosecuting a Hate Crime: An Analysis of the Kroger Shooter Case
Speedy Trial Challenges in a Pandemic
Strategic Case Analysis: The Ahmaud Arbery Case
Misdemeanor Cold Case Homicide Review
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