Final Fridays Series

Course Details

Project Safe Release00:50:39
Webinar 00:50:39
Hoarding and Mental Health01:03:17
Webinar 01:03:17
San Francisco DA's Office Victim Services Division00:58:44
Webinar 00:58:44
Prosecutors as Innovators in Rethinking Jails00:55:41
Webinar 00:55:41
Providing Assisted Outpatient Treatment to Justice-Involved Clients00:57:48
Webinar 00:57:48
Webinar 01:02:24
A Focus on Risk & Needs Assessment Tools01:07:04
Webinar 01:07:04
Diversion Toolkit00:56:35
Webinar 00:56:35
Tips for Prosecuting Non-Fatal Shootings01:01:20
Webinar 01:01:20
Better Criminal Justice Outcomes Through Prosecutor-Led Diversion
Strategies for Prosecuting Drug-Induced Homicide Cases
Discussion on FBI Crime in the United States Report
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